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Thank you for all the condolences and well wishes. I don’t think my father truly knew the amount of people he was able to reach out to with his poetry. My family and I plan on keeping my fathers blog active with his poetry. Please bare with us as we try to figure it out […]

via Blog continuing — Poesy plus Polemics

Paul’s poetry has become a part of the daily lives of so many.  We will all miss him. It is sad to say farewell to a poet friend, but what a joy to know he’s writing in heaven now.

Rest in Peace, Paul.

7 thoughts on “Blog continuing — Poesy plus Polemics

  1. Sarah,

    I didn’t know Paul. Thank you for this memorial. I will follow and read his work and, am certain, be guided to more incredible individuals, writers and poets. (Not that poets aren’t writers but not all writers are poets…you know what I mean. 💛

      1. What a gift to you both! I love his philosophy on publishing and marketing. Well, on writing too, especially having started later in life. Very refreshing. Sorry I didn’t know him but grateful to you for having led me to his work. Thank you, Sarah.

    1. Jane,

      The first two months of my blog, I had 4 followers. The first to find it was Diane (Bardess) the second was you,
      the third was Paul and the fourth was Francina. Amazing how time flies! It is for sure Paul will be missed.


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