8 thoughts on “A Slow Fade

    1. Francina,

      You are so kind! I have spent many hours at your site (https://seasonspoetry.wordpress.com/) and will spend many more. Your work is a joy and an inspiration. Your friendship is a treasure.
      Speaking of inspiration…Do you know the doodlewash site? The paintings and the articles are
      always food for the muse. This particular poem was inspired by Charlie’s post https://doodlewash.com/souvenirs-in-the-sand/. I think that is the most poetic title imaginable. It took me on a journey that gave birth to this effort.

      Many thanks to you for taking time here and for all you do for the arts.


  1. Bless you, Charlie,

    And thank you . Your title (Souvenirs in the Sand) was the impetus for this particular invention.
    Your paintings, your writing, your philosophy (https://doodlewash.com/) inspire me.
    I am ever grateful and so happy our paths have crossed. It’s a joy to call you


    1. Mitch,

      “We long for the eternal, yet cling to the temporal” Oh my, oh my, how true that is.
      Many thanks to you…for being here, for your comment and for the pleasure of your
      blog (https://mitchteemley.com/). Your writing, your wit and your wisdoms call me
      back each day to read and think. I’m never disappointed.


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