Verona Is a State of Mind

Come to Verona, Poet,
Give up that window
on darkness, the cage
that barricades the senses.

The clover has bloomed;
the leaves are falling
more brilliantly
than ever before.

Fall has become more
be-witching every year.
Come to Verona, Poet.
to the stone unturned,

to the song unsung.
Liars and fools would rewrite
greatness. They grin through
polished teeth and pompadours.

Come to Verona, Poet,
fluent descendant of Dante,
feller of façades;
this world is not well.

All the houses are glass
and the emperor’s suit
needs pressed. So many pens
are searching for stones.


2 thoughts on “Verona Is a State of Mind

  1. There are some beautiful, clever, complex lines in this poem. Your poetry, which I have always admired for its brevity, acuity and sensibility, now seems to have taken a political turn, which I applaud.

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