By the Winter Sea

echoes the absence of summer;
no cricket,
no insect hums,

just the song of the winter sea
venting uninhibited
by thrum of wings
or splish-splash of fish.

A crescent moon
nestled atop the hill
speaks the color of clouds
in tongues

of dun sand
and the gloomy red
of a sun
gone down;

a somber scene
but for the shifting dunes
and the ever whispering song
of the sea and the wind.

10 thoughts on “By the Winter Sea

  1. Another beautifully crafted poem. This one is a masterclass in how to manage transitions between definite and indefinite articles. You achieve an effect that is at once thrilling and calm. Can I use it in my Creative Writing classes? Although my own work obviously moves in a very different (much noisier and nastier) direction, yours has been a constant source of inspiration and positive influence for me over the past few years. Thank you for that, Sarah. Keep doing what you do.


  2. Paul,

    Thank you for your regard of my work. I am honored and humbled by your remarks.
    I would be happy for you to use this poem in your classes. Many thanks for your continued support.


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