Breaking News

A tissue wrapped glass Santa
with a broken hanger hat
occupies our headlines
as we look at this sad sight.

A crash, a shatter.
it does not bend,
thus it is bound to break.
Such was our Santa’s fate.

We’re heartsick at the loss
and yet I have no doubt,
the story of our Santa
won’t be on CNN tonight

for the latest breaking scandal
playing out in old DC
satiates the  appetites
for  lies and fantasies.

Lo, our ancient Santa
will yield with true humility
to the orchestrated weather
and to crass complicity,

and up there in the headlines
made to influence  and confuse
is the latest fake appointment;
That is the breaking news.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Rich Roach

    Aw, poor glass Santa! I love this poem and how you show the reader why the glass Santa ‘breaking news’ is more legitimate news. That is the way of things in today’s strange and almost surreal world!


    1. Rich,

      Your visit makes even the broken Santa smile. Thanks for being here and thanks for taking time to see into my poem. Hoping your October Thanksgiving brought you and your family many blessings. May your Christmas bring a bounty more.


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