The Oblivion of a Blizzard

We take the risk of being overwhelmed
to step one boot into the pristine squall.
Illusions, spells, fantasies; a million
shattered blisses can’t prepare us for the loss
of equilibrium when the swell of blizzard
wraps around us.

One dies many deaths when drowning answerless
in a drift that misdirects the feet, fragments
of debris, the only proof of our existence.
Such is our meager  monument,
a tiny blip on the timeline
of to be.

Neither fog nor smoke — the clouded mind
nor the clever tongue — can find the truth
or hide it
when the wind is at the door
and the blizzard is building.  The skyline,
ever changing, fades like history rewritten.

5 thoughts on “The Oblivion of a Blizzard

    1. Jane,

      More ice than snow here but plenty of both. They canceled church today because of icy roads. I opened the door to see what it looked like outside…A quick glimpse told me it is beautiful, and then a fierce wind yanked the door from my hand. I’m having hot cocoa and reading poetry…that is pretty close to being right up there with church.

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