Plastic or Paper

A pink flamingo, biodegradable
in a thousand years,
Its plastic body made of sterner stuff
than those steel rod legs
that will rust
before the season’s done.

“Plastic or paper?”  she asks
as I check out.  I think of the flamingo,
no origami fading  with first rain,
Plastic lasts
and lasts
and lasts.

My plastic card grows heavy
with its burden.  Vacations
from reality and excursions
to the neat boutique
accumulate interest daily.
I should have stuck with paper.

Mother Earth,
can you ever forgive us?

5 thoughts on “Plastic or Paper

  1. As I read this it reminded me of a documentary that I saw where birds were consuming plastic which they were mistaking for food, subsequently leading to their death! Lord, help us to become better stewards!

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