Between Seasons

On a skyline undecided
the glint of a goldfinch
kindles the air with flickers
of  sun.

Flashes of spun gold spark
as our feathered friends
dart from season
to season.

Celebrating the promises
of leaves just beginning to bud,
song birds offer their bursts
of thanks

for the new green
on hill and dale and lawn.
Hints of spring renew belief
in miracles.

2 thoughts on “Between Seasons

  1. Charlie,

    You say the nicest things. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when one of my efforts pleases your eye. Your site, has been a grand source of joy and relaxation for me since my first visit there I am drawn by those new frogs..I love the colors and the title. I’ll be over today to get better acquainted with them!

    Many thanks for the support you give my work, and for your daily paintings and articles that inspire and teach.

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