Rooster of Renown



Handsome bird,
alarm clock that needs no winding
except for some corn and grain,
a plump hen for amoré
and maybe a bit of competition
to keep you sharp,

Your morning greeting is welcome
in my world, far less jarring
than the windup kind
even if it is a bit soon, especially
now,  when the sun is slow
to rise atop these hills.

I can tell by looking
that your manners are impeccable,
No pun intended, feathered friend.
You are quite the farmyard swain
with that fancy comb, jaunty
and alluring,

O noble bird,
protector of the flock, may you have
a long and happy reign over your harem
and when future holidays demand a dinner
that is fit for a king, may time and fate conspire
to make you too tough for the table.

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