The Elf that Kept Dreams

The elf wore winter away with a smile,
He turned back the storm clouds
and the rain for awhile
as he tripped through the forest
and whistled a tune
with a hop and a skip
and a wink at the moon.

All dressed in green velvet
and fine ruffled shirt,
he wore a tall top hat
to take the eye from his girth.
He was ever so happy just as he was,
but Aunt Matilda tended to worry and fuss,
“Eat right dear nephew, don’t tip the tankard too much,
keep your fare simple, avoid rainbows and such.”

He would just hug her, and she would just sigh,
’cause Aunt Tildie knew he dreamed of the sky.
He put on his boots and his tight fitting jerkin,
then off to the forest where the pine trees
touched heaven.  High in the limbs
where no one but he and one wise old owl
were able to see, the elf kept a small chest
full of magnificent  things,

Not even the owl was allowed
a look inside, for that’s where his tickets
to secrets would hide.  Close your eyes
little one and soon you will see
that magical box in the tall pine tree.
No matter if storm clouds or sun streaks the sky,
you hold the key to the magic inside.
Just by believing,  you can open the lid
on moonbeams and dreams
and magical rainbows
to pillow your head.

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