A Mist of Moon

Only the moon
and I
brave this misty night.

Down the shore,
a bottle
comes up for air,

I think its message
might be meant for me;
I will never know.

The tide has beat me to it.
Bad knees, or fate,
have claimed the boat

that held my treasure
or maybe it was a trial
that I’ll forego.

Ebb and flow,
the sea in constant motion,
a lullaby

created by His hand.
In midnight rain, a mist of moon,
another touch of heaven.

2 thoughts on “A Mist of Moon

  1. Sarah,

    Another stunning poem from your pen!
    You are such a talented writer.. it’s always a feast for eyes and soul to read your poetry.
    Thank you for sharing.

    As ever,

    1. Dear Francina,

      For some reasons my likes have disappeared…I have restored them now..and most of my comments
      so I am slowly reposting comments. Here is what I had written in reply to this one:

      A Mist of Moon
      Dear Francina,

      How on earth did I miss your visit? I am so sorry to just be finding this now,
      but I am overjoyed to find it. You are so very kind. Thank you, again and
      again. Hoping to see you at the Pub soon.


      The original comment disappeared: the above was a repost and it went away too.
      I apologize. It always makes my day brighter when you stop by!

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