Silver Linings

a spreading shadow,
This is not Capistrano
and swallows
don’t have red breasts.

Who knew
robins were nomadic?
This cul de sac, tucked
into trees, has been blessed
with a pilgrimage,

A ‘round’
if you will.  Perhaps thousands,
fat and well fed. Territorial,
they mark their spot. It is not safe
to step from the door

without  a hat.
No complaint here.
I have one with a wide brim
and my father
owns the car wash.

4 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. BoardFlak

    You set the tone nicely here in the first verse, and I like the ending. Some comedian once did a comedy piece based on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, particularly how the commentary on the action on screen would sometimes segue straight into a commercial pitch. In the specific line your closing verse brings to mind, Marlon Perkins is commenting on Jim wrestling with a lion and slides smoothly into the question “If a lion sat on your face, would you be covered?”

    In the case of the robins, it appears you would be.

    1. Thanks for the visit and the comment, Michael.
      You are so right about the covering.. The hoard has moved on,, leaving only a few well mannered robins behind. I can live with that, but still, I’m careful.

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