A Tale of Two Fishes

Back to back
they face each other,
opposites in every sense.
Frowning, he wonders
how it came to this.

“Hormones, I guess,”
he muses as he remembers
her then.  He treasures
the ashes of sparks.

And she wild eyed
but winsome,
a beauty with long flowing fins.
So sad too much seaweed
long ago dulled her senses.

Wanderlust dreams
have turned into fences
that resist being mended
and yet her blood

pulses faster
when he glides past
with the brush of a dorsal.
His brooding eyes
make no suggestion

that his blood runs cold.
If only
they didn’t live their lives
in a goldfish bowl.

Inspired by a painting of two fishes at

The painting made me think of Rod Stewart’s
“Every Picture Tells a Story”


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Fishes

  1. This is so fabulous!! Love the words you penned my friend! A lesson in life for all of us to be sure! 😃💕And can I also say that I’m tickled that I managed to illustrate a poem that hadn’t even been created yet. That’s true artistic collaboration!! I adore it!!

    1. Once again, that Doodlewash artist gets the credit for inspiration. Thank you!! You are appreciated and come to think of it, pretty amazing to be able to illustrate a poem before it’s been born. : )

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