Nurturing the Glow

When the day is long and the sun
forgets to shine, remember the spark
that lives on the inside, that frisson
of energy that will not be denied.

Remember the day the breeze
blew warm and the orchard bloomed.
Remember summer’s first apple,
the burst of flavor in that first crisp bite.

Live each day as if it were your first
with all the wondrous amazement
and awe.  Inhale the bliss
of magnolias’ aroma; experience

the magic in the mist of a rainbow.
Nurture the dreams
of your inner child so the senses
will never grow dull

4 thoughts on “Nurturing the Glow

  1. This made me immediately think of Psalm 77. When Asaph’s sun had forgotten to shine, he said he would remember the past deeds of the Lord, and aren’t apples, magnolias, rainbows, and the breeze all deeds of the Lord, too? Yes! Thanks for this reminder.

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