A Little Bit Country

There are some things you live your whole life
without knowing, some facts that nobody cares
that you lack. Of course, if you’d be a farmer,
you must know  a mule from a horse.

If you are asked to write for Farm Journal
you should be aware that the fruit of the corn
is  a kernel;  chickens gathered to eat said fruit
are rightfully called a flock.

A bullock (or ox, if you choose) has never
been noted for curls. That mentioned, two bullocks
are oxen, single one out,  it’s an ox. Furthermore,
if it’s a cow, it’s always a girl.

A sow  (as in cow) is a hog that’s had babies,
before that she was a pig, and even prior, in a time
somewhat remote, that pig was known as a shoat.
Then as now, in good times and worse,
you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit Country

  1. Hiya Deb,

    I grew up on a working farm (working being the key word : )
    That last line is an old saw that’s been around long before
    I was ever thought of, and I love it too. Glad it caught your eye.

    Thanks for the visit and for the comment. You are always appreciated.

  2. BoardFlak

    My mom grew up on a farm; she would know all of this without effort. I, on the other hand, got to live on 8 acres in the country from eighth grade through my sophomore year in college. At various times we had a cow, pigs (don’t ask me whether male or female, we did not let them get that old), ducks, turkeys, lots and lots of chickens, and a small pond with water bugs and frogs. We never had a horse or mule, but I knew well enough which was which.

    I may have sent this elsewhere at another time, of all the places we lived – before or since, that is the place and the time that comes to me whenever I think of home.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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