The Abundance that Completes Us

“One puts down the first line in trust that life and language
are abundant enough to complete it”   Wendell Berry

Having run the gauntlet
between lawn and tangled vine,
skipping across bare spots,
hopping over rocks,
hurrying to make a deadline,

we have learned
there is no need to check calendar
or clock to know that time
is the keeper of the score.

Searching for something,
we realize it is not a lack of food
that makes us hungry, nor the fear
of running out of ink

that makes us write,
more like some primordial need
that bends our knees
and bows our heads in prayer
for the abundance that completes us.

3 thoughts on “The Abundance that Completes Us

  1. Thank you, Mitch,

    I’m not sure how St. Augustine would feel about that,
    but as for me, I am humbled beyond words. I wonder
    if Mr. Berry knew of the Confessions of St. Augustine.

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