Re: is no longer accepting submissions.  The site will be visible to the public until June 30th.  Anyone who has work at Wordflair and would like to copy it should be
able to copy their own individual selections with copy and paste.  It should be noted that
copying a whole web page does not work.  They have embedded trackers that reduce
the content to a couple of lines of code once the page is removed from their server.  I tried a couple of different methods and the only thing I found that works is to copy
individual pieces.  It is also possible to do a screen shot of your page/pages and save it as a jpg. If you have difficulty retrieving your work, please accept my apologies. I have no control over the bad behavior of the IP server.

Anyone who read the previous post on this blog will know that the IP server has gone to
reactive design (blocks, iframes, frames, whatever name you choose to assign it.) ‘Nuf said.

At 10 PM on June 30th, will cease to exist.  My thanks to all who have shared their work there over the years.  Keep writing!

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