On Choosing the Proper Pen

A pen is not a thing;
it is an instrument,
a purveyor of art,
representative of ancestry,
a promise for posterity.

The brand to use
is just a matter of taste,
a Montblanc might be a waste
for Frost. He would choose a Parker
or a Cross.

would probably schmooze
with a DuPont, while I,
in poverty of inspiration,
see a stick and think stick. I
would settle for a Bic.

7 thoughts on “On Choosing the Proper Pen

  1. Sear Sarah,

    I’m with you. Thanks for keeping it simple when it comes to choosing the proper pen. For a moment I was going to do a pen Google. I love my packs of Papermate Sharp Writers #2!

    But your words? Simply profound!!! 💛


    1. Deb,

      I remember the Papermate heart. I have been buying Bics at the dollar store (10 for a dollar)
      and they seem to run out of ink rather quickly…Maybe I’ll try those Papermates….I like the way
      yours write.

  2. BoardFlak

    . When I was younger, I wrote in pencil at first (always hated that). I believe the first pen I used was a Bic Clic, but once I got a Papermate (with the extra – capacity refills) that became my favorite from then onward. Once I went back to writing again, after the Columbia disaster, I have mainly written on my computer. I always did dislike writing rough drafts and then re-doing them, whether with pen and paper, typewriter, or computer screen. My rough drafts, especially now, have all been done in my head (considering my condition, it’s an especially useful habit to already have). I had a Cross pen which I received as a gift, but it was too slender for me.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Your comment made me think about the pens ‘in my life’.
      When I finished high school, my best friend gave me a silver
      Cross pen and pencil set. They were so sleek and beautiful
      but as you mentioned, a bit slim for comfortable writing.
      When I finished college, an aunt gave me a gold Cross
      pen and pencil set. Now I buy the cheap pens with the
      fat rubber grip for comfort. Time keeps on keeping on!
      Thanks for the visit and the comments!


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