Whispers on the Wind

Summer evening
lit by a backwash of stars,
light on the leaf shine on us.
Let us live in the now
without forgetting spring
or fearing winter.

Burned by the will of the sun
flowering bronze
over the meadow –
in a search for laughter
we wilted without rain.
Time and time again

we dream in excess,
a vortex of whim, willful –
unmindful of nature’s laws,
the equals of opposite reactions,
the threat of attrition,
the haste to dance

before the music is done.
We will not pass this way again.
This is not a dress rehearsal
and though we may stumble
we rise to our knees
with lacerations,

a modicum wiser
as our motives become purer
until there is no motive,
simply a celebration
of the revelation
Time is on our side.

6 thoughts on “Whispers on the Wind

  1. BoardFlak

    Sarah, I actually read this three times; it wasn’t until the third reading that I got my mind to read the poem by the complete sentences rather than break it up by stanzas. If you look, perhaps you will see what I mean, but that makes quite a difference. Once I got it right, I quite enjoyed it.

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