The Alchemy of Summer Sun

In childlike wonder we walk among the flowers
unaware that meager as we are, we’re a part
of this endless splendor.  Each of us unique,
essential to the puzzle that becomes a picture
of a connected universe.

The sun performs its special alchemy
in partnership with rain.  Although the storm
might rage and rage again before the dawn,
we sleep soundly through the dark of night
as innocently as a cradled babe.

Guileless and at peace we take our rest
blessed by the calm that gathers ‘round us.
Come the break of dawn the grace is given
in soothing song of rejuvenation
to face each day as a new beginning,

We  keep the lessons and cast away the pain
of yesterday, thankful for the gifts of sun and rain.

5 thoughts on “The Alchemy of Summer Sun

  1. Sarah,

    I read this outside, out loud, as the sun is setting so as to distract myself from some noisy neighbors partying in their backyard.

    It worked. They are quiet. The beauty of your words carried in the wind hushed even them.

    We are all so interconnected, aren’t we?

    I’ll never forget this moment or your poem.



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