Wanna Buy Some Fleas?

At the drive-in where windows fogged
with lack of interest in the movie,
where speakers on poles stood like soldiers,
even when the show was closed, they have opened
up one of those markets that feeds upon itself.

Started out with a few tables of used clothes
and some rusted tools, maybe a few bootlegged CDs,
There was something intimate in the climate
as if each vendor had opened up their closet
and let all the skeletons out.

Capitalism brings the cream to the top
and fosters a taste for heights.
The tables now lack memory: Plastic swizzle sticks
and frames that have never held a picture,
prepackaged memorabilia, even the baseball cards are fake.

The movie screen is gone, deemed a hazard
in high wind. The speakers, pilfered by kids
long past their prime, show up in markets
from sea to shining sea on tables that expose
the fleas.

4 thoughts on “Wanna Buy Some Fleas?

  1. I think we have yet to find a system, political or economic, that can not be corrupted. We humans seem to have an innate ability to screw things up. Among the characteristics of capitalism are the following: private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system, and competitive markets.

    I really don’t want to give those up. Unfortunately there is another characteristic, unintended but undeniable: Greed…and therein lies the problem. (in my opinion)

  2. BoardFlak

    The problem with flea markets is touched on in your poem. The supply of household junk does not last forever, but the sellers get hooked on the experience of selling. Aside from the new stuff they buy just to resell, there is an endless recycling of junk they pick up from other sellers.

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