Count them One by One

Having vowed not to complain
about summer’s rising temperatures
nor its squalling storms,
I lounge inside decrying the persistent hum
of the a.c.  —  Woe is me.

Apparently born to discontent,
I remember winter, vividly.
‘Twas then, when walking through drifts
knee deep and rising higher
I made that foolish vow.

And now, in leisure to repent,
the only entertainment affordable
to see is watching the electric meter
spinning wildly like a wheel of fortune
that will not stop for me.

Never satisfied, it seems, I sit,
mere sum of the self, wishing
for sun when it rains, for cool
in the heat, and suddenly I think,
July is just fine.

Thus in the throes of déjà vu,
I wonder if you, too, are sitting
in the comfort of your feathered nest
sipping from a beaded glass of tea
and wisely counting your blessings.

10 thoughts on “Count them One by One

  1. Sarah,
    Great poem, even though I count my blessings regularly, I can’t stand the heat on what we call our tropical days. Perhaps because we don’t have AC over here.

    I love the line of the electric meter is a wheel of fortune spinning wildly that does not stop for you. Cleverly written.

    As always,

  2. Many thanks, Francina,

    I’m with you on that! Extreme heat of extreme cold is not my choice of fun.
    Always a good day when there’s a visit from Fran. Thank you!

    As ever.

  3. Lovely poem, Sarah and it beautifully captures our reaction to weather extremes. As we are always being exhorted to ‘be in the moment’, if you are too hot my lovely, then you are too hot. Cool breeze hugs, xX ❤

  4. BoardFlak

    As the song goes: “Count your many blessings, name them one by one.” It is a habit we should all have, but mankind is like the cows around here; always straining against the fences trying for the grass which is just out of reach. When it’s warm I won’t complain when it’s colder, when it’s cold I won’t complain when it’s warmer, when it rains I’m wishing for a sunny day, and when it’s a sunny day maybe it will rain so I don’t have to deal mowing the yard. Four sure signs of being human. I like the way you said it!

  5. My thanks to you, Michael,

    It is hot and very humid here. I can almost hear the grass growing.
    Just like a kid, from one day to the next it seems to grow an inch!!

  6. I do count my blessings, but you have made me realise ( though Cyberspouse has pointed this out frequently as well! ) that I can be out on a lovely day, with clouds or breeze bringing light relief from the hot sun and I am constantly saying ‘Oh, I forgot my sunglasses, my water bottle… I should have brought my cardigan, why didn’t I wear my sandals…’

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