Scaling the Peaks

Mountains climbed
in measures heretofore unknown;
the sound of song an echo that returns
long past the making of the tones
or the paying of the dues. That song
to soothe the weary soul to climb again
with faith to go beyond the bend that blocks
our vision. With footsteps sure, to travel without doubt
or questions that would slow the progress thus avowed.
Our goal, a lofty one it’s true, as high as any peak we’ve seen…
in good times or in bad, to leave no muddy footprints where we’ve been.


4 thoughts on “Scaling the Peaks

  1. Many thanks!
    This one was inspired by the crisis situation on Mt. Everest
    and then it took a turn on its own. I just followed where it led.
    I’m glad you like it.

  2. BoardFlak

    The situation with Mount Everest was a tragedy which never needed to happen. I like it that your poem took off in its own direction and came to a better conclusion.

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