In Lieu of Silence

“Colors fade, temples crumble, empires fall, but words endure.”
– Edward Thorndike


We serve up words;
sometimes slow and bumbling
they plod along
or quick and sharp
they fly,

Not ready to wait
they snap out as if propelled
by an elastic band, and sometimes
they return to be eaten
with an acrid taste of regret.

Sometimes a bird on wing
or a lover bent in quick kiss,
then off again.  A sword
turned ploughshare – a whisper
so soft we lean forward to catch it.

Some words wear magic,
borne by the moon while we wait sleepless
in a metaphor of dream, and then
there are those that are hurled like stones.
We worry that the walls might crack.

We serve up words
in colors and hues of all moods.
Vehicles of conveyance,
they are the fabric
for our history’s quilt

8 thoughts on “In Lieu of Silence

  1. keatser

    Oh, words, words, words! 🙂 How amazing to see our whole universe as a result of words…”in the beginning was the Word.” It is really is a way of shaping our sense of things and sometimes we reveal truths that are actually beyond the limits of normal communication through our poetry. Love this, Sarah!

  2. BoardFlak

    “they return to be eaten
    with an acrid taste of regret.”

    My thought there was “tasting of crow.” Words have many aspects; they can be propelled as though by a slingshot, or as a paddle ball – in which case you have to watch how they come back to you. The song by Cher says “Words are like weapons; they wound sometimes.” On the other hand, words can be more healing than the most powerful medicine on the planet. It all comes down to how they are chosen and how they are used. ‘Tis a powerful poem on powerful subject.

  3. Sarah,

    You capture such life and breath of writers and poets , connecting words, like tears , or screams, or laughter, to the Author of Life, and the Living Word.

    You acknowledge these gentle , sometimes irrational, other times turbulent offerings, like the gifts of restless children, or from ancient wisdom come to visit in unexpected moments.

    This offers great comfort and acceptance to my heart. You are so profound!


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