If we could say the word ‘Stay’
and make it happen, I fear
the scent of magnolias might become
cloying; the red, red rose might overtake
our vision.

O! Treasure the momentary, the brief,
the beautiful. Savor the aroma,
the color of clover, the taste
of new peaches ripe from the tree,
the sweetness.

These moments are just hints of forever,
a questing for paradise. Such rapture
too pure for mere mortal, too fragile
to endure but the power of faith
will sustain us

‘til we journey away to that place
where perfection blooms eternal,
there on that beautiful shore.

4 thoughts on “Stay

  1. BoardFlak

    The interesting thing about trying to preserve any moment is that by the time we can think of preserving it a moment is already past. As fast as our neurons and synapses are, we are always just “that tiny little bit” behind “true now.” The initial impression of a scent, of a color, or of a flower combining both has already been lost. All the more reason to savor the memory of that impression even as we go on to the next one. Well said, Sarah!

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