That’s My Story…

and I’m sticking to it.

Slacking again, I guess?
Five days away and not a word,
flaky bird to take flight
into the vast unknown.

I own it, mea culpa
all the way. But I can explain.
Truth is stranger than fiction
and I can prove it.

Let’s see…who takes a job
at seventy-three? Woe is me.
What car with forty thousand miles
turns from friend to foe?

I didn’t need that “I” light,
bright as it was and such a lovely shade,
to know there was a plight developing.
I felt the power steering

fade into oblivion. If the wheels
were moving, I could guide it
using both arms and a grunt, but
don’t stop.

I did.  Don’t back up. I tried.
No go. I snuffled a bit and then
remembered I’m never alone.
I drove

that dang thing home. almost
a hundred miles. I ached but
did not brake but for necessity,
and that most carefully.

I made it home without a hitch.
One thought in my head,  I’m trading it.
I did. Told them what I wanted,
so have it ready please.

Everything arranged before I got there.
Trouble is,  en route to new car heaven,
I had to tell my baby I was trading her.
She balked. I backed up

into a stump with a sign on it*…couldn’t help it,
couldn’t steer. Damage?  Oh yeah, the metal sign post
pierced her precious hip. The stump attempted
to decapitate her bumper.

A hand was on my shoulder. I got my new Verona**.
It steers with just a touch.  Such luxury is almost
too good to be true.  Sorry for the slacking.  Tomorrow
I’ll catch up with all of you.


*btw, the sign said:  Please Drive Carefully,
True story start to finish.

**Name changed to protect the innocent
(plus I’m holding out for ad fees)

And just to add an extra twist…Here
is the URL to this post:


6 thoughts on “That’s My Story…

  1. Sarah,
    Delightful poem from your pen. I could not help it, but I had to smile. It is car’s Karma, they do that when they feel they will be replaced by a newer version. I loved how you described the sign’s action.

    I am overly happy though you had no scratch.

    As always,

  2. BoardFlak

    “and then remembered I’m never alone.” Amen Sarah. I am glad to hear that despite all the difficulties thrown at you, you made it through.

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