Don’t Fight, Write

Poet, write your poems on the wind;
the mind abhors a vacuum.
Better to be blown to bits
by wayward currents
than to dry rot in a drawer
or be sealed hermetically
in a mayonnaise jar,
(Thank you, Johnny Carson.)

Burn them if you will,
make confetti and let them rain
on someone else’s parade.
Let them be swept up by the clowns
that follow the elephants.
Stone them, or string them up
like Chinese lanterns
born without flame.

When the clowns
are done with them
throw them another one
and another,
there are pens aplenty
and to paraphrase
a darker thought,
We have just begun to write.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Fight, Write

  1. BoardFlak

    Bravo! Far better to let your poems explode into the air than have them explode inside your head. Better yet, let them explode onto a page where we can come and read them.

  2. Francina,

    My poet/artist friend, you find so many ways to write…

    The pen, and the camera are just two of the implements of art
    that you have mastered..You create and share and inspire….Thank you!


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