More than Rabbit in the Hat

August is serenely sunny,
It’s more than illusion,
Everything is blooming,
The light
fills all my empty spaces.

I didn’t know it was possible
to soar with feet on the ground.
Eye to eye with the tops of pines,
there is so much to tell you
about what it is like up here.

Everything exists on the edge of
a breath.  Both delicate and durable,
our time is a tapestry
and this
is a beautiful scene.

12 thoughts on “More than Rabbit in the Hat

    1. Good Morning, Deb,

      So good to ‘hear’ your voice this morning; it is a grand pick me up as I head off to work (can this be me?) Have a great day!


  1. BoardFlak

    August has always been a grand part of the year – and I pity all the children who have already been dragged back into school (around here, they didn’t even get all of July). A lovely poem from a Sarah’s-eye view.

    1. Mitch,

      Thank you! Speaking of summer I have a summer job (mapping for upcoming census). I’m headed out the door now…I so miss The Power of Story, but will be back as soon as I get a day off. Keep those summer vibes!!

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