Pressing the Powers that Be

Who can win a battle of spit
and revenge?  And what
have they won? The pendulum

swings. Endlessly
cycling: Someone loses, someone

No thought is given to natural law
or past history. Powerful in the upswing,
there is no thought of mercy

or grace, just revenge born of spite,
a wielding of power
in an unyielding win …

what goes up must come down.
Victors become victims on the ladder

of reality.
Humility is learned on the downhill side.
I’ve heard that the fingers bleed

from holding on in the fast paced decline
of that inevitable slide.  Press on
but remember the law of gravity.

3 thoughts on “Pressing the Powers that Be

  1. BoardFlak

    Any rising wave carries with it the anchor which will eventually pull it under; the stronger the surge, the bigger the anchor. Alas, there are always some writing the tide who think it will never end and act accordingly.

    Note: I had intended the above to be “riding the tide”; but after seeing Dragon’s substitution, I decided to leave it.

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