The Trouble with Technology

It was old but reliable, when you turned it on,
it stayed on.  The green light was glowing, and
the words were flowing.  The mind is an amazing
thing, it kept on working (the mind, not the keyboard )
So many pearls ago, I just kept on typing but it quit
responding, oh woe.

A quick trip to the expo nets a fancy new model
with bells and whistles and a spot for a light.
I jiggle the on/off switch, sigh, and try it again
but alas, darkness reigns.

No, the light doesn’t come on, but you can see
it responds to each keystroke I make. Problem is,
in the ensuing dilemma, the mind has gone blank.
The pearls shrank from the light, the wit quit, and here
I sit with a brand new keyboard that is ready and willing
to reveal my deepest thoughts, and I have none.

4 thoughts on “The Trouble with Technology

  1. BoardFlak

    Sarah, I don’t think you have to worry. Your wit hasn’t quit and those deep thoughts will come bubbling back to the surface sooner than you think.

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