Considering the Harvest

As shadows slip onto the stage
twilight takes on a greater weight.
It is a treasure earned, if not outright,
then by the treasuring.

We learn early on that golden moments
are fleeting and even then, human,
we learn too late, as if mortal ears
can only hear the bell

once it’s stopped ringing, can only see
the flock as it vees in leaving
and every migration takes
a piece of the heart.

It is not for us to wonder why
we hunger.  The creature comforts
that we crave make great demand.
Yet, we take

without giving until some epiphany
awakens us to truth. Every golden string
of sun , no matter how thin,
has its own tonnage.

The journey that will claim its destination
commands from each  two contributions;
first we learn and then we teach.  First we sow
and then we reap.




4 thoughts on “Considering the Harvest

  1. BoardFlak

    Humans seem to have their greatest disconnect with the concepts of sowing and reaping. This is especially seems true in the corporate world, where at times all they seem to do is reap without regard for what needs to be sowed to restore the balance.

    This is a very good poem, but right now it makes me think of Brazil and the Amazon and I shudder.

  2. It is terrible what is happening with the rain forests.
    As for sowing and reaping, if we don’t get that right,
    we are lost for sure…whether it be agriculture or
    social culture.

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