A Cautionary Tale

Ten foot tall and so polite, (thank you, Lord, for that)
The mammoths could have raised one less-than-dainty foot
and turned their prey to bone meal and a spot of viscera,
the makings of a tasty cake, one might suppose.

Instead they waited patiently for their turn, which
when it came found all the water gone. Their carcasses
lined up as if still waiting for a drink. It could be a myth;
I’m not convinced that George Washington had wooden
teeth, but I concede the possibility. Be that as it may.

I have never heard suggested that our first president
should be reconstituted.  I wish they’d likewise
leave the sleeping mammoth alone. But no,
they’ve thawed his frozen frame and extracted marrow,
mixed it with some fat and bone, perhaps some bat wings.

The truth is little known just what is going on
but mad scientists want to clone the woolly thing,
maybe add a gene to make it perfect in their eyes.
‘Twould be a shame and pity if they succeed
only to have blind justice step up,

scales in hand,
to proclaim the gentle beast
………………..a bit less friendly this time.
It’s scary but I concede the possibility.

4 thoughts on “A Cautionary Tale

  1. BoardFlak

    It seems like I’ve been hearing about attempts to resurrect the mammoth for well over three decades. I wonder if they’re really any closer? Of course, even if they manage to produce a creature with mammoth DNA, there is no way it will truly be a mammoth. It will be a hybrid something-like-a-mammoth which will still leave a lot of unanswered questions.

    On the other hand, I enjoyed the poem; it had a slight feeling of “Jurassic Park” to it.

  2. BoardFlak

    That’s not a scenario I would care to experience! It makes me think of Ogden Nash’s last two lines in his poem about a panther:

    better yet if called by a panther
    don’t anther.

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