Bagging Groceries

He bags groceries
and dreams of making it big.

A garret in New York,
too small to call a loft,
but after the first book
he’ll buy the whole floor
and call it a penthouse,

an ivory tower
taller than the smokestacks
that he escapes.

But this is a dream
between chapters of inaction.
In truth, his big break
will be a job at the mill,
children that are healthy,

and a wife who does not stray
from the little house with a fence
on a street named after a saint.


2 thoughts on “Bagging Groceries

  1. BoardFlak

    Dreams of fame, fortune, and glory which would probably leave him withered like a drought stricken rose if he achieved them; all the while his real life is guiding him toward a genuine happy ending. And yet, we all dream those dreams at some point in our lives. Well painted, Sarah.

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