Music and the Morning Sun

Dawn tiptoes across the frosted lawn,
Hints of flame climb over the horizon,
She is a shy girl emerging.

Daylight overtakes the night
with a gentle riff.
Early birds looking for worms
start with a song.

Robins and thrushes
and those rascally blackbirds
begin the morning event.

Then the wrens, black caps and chiff chaff
with their poorer vision…
glasses might help but the demand
for avian optometrists has not been met.

Every society has its bankers. Under the guise
of needing more light to find seed,
sparrows and  finches make an  appearance.

Some freshly suited — others arrive ungroomed;
their valets obviously on holiday–
They all chime in.

The semi from the highway contributes its rhythm,
Even a missed gear adds to the composition.
A dog barks, a door opens,

The scent of bacon and coffee brewing –
The kiss before the commute.
Morning begins in increments and over it all,
the sun.

2 thoughts on “Music and the Morning Sun

  1. BoardFlak

    On the first read, the reference to bankers went right over my head. On the second read, I made the connection to bankers’ hours. There are so many little touches making up the whole impression created by this poem that singling out any particular would be unfair to all the rest. It would be like complimenting a beautiful landscape on the green bits. So I will simply say that it’s a beautiful scene you have created.

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