Progression to Perfection

It began with love of craft…
the shading by the artist’s hand
of hues that shaped his face
and showed his soul, each line
a milestone.

She ‘used an old pen
to draw the old man’*
One hundred and two — his age
an amazement, his peace
earned by days well spent.

Eye and heart and hand,
in unison they worked
until when done, it was not
the love of craft one saw
but love of man.

*quoted from the artist’s remarks

You will find the painting at
Roswitha Geisler’s Skizzenbuch/Blog

12 thoughts on “Progression to Perfection

  1. Thank you for your wonderful and heartful words, szmang.
    You have realized what I want to show with my drawings.
    Because I do not just want only to portray the person, but also try to represent something of the essence and the “soul”.
    Because every person has soul and feeling and an essence of his life

  2. gwendrina

    Hi Sarah

    Wow! This is an outstanding portrait of the portrait that goes deep into the character of both artist and her subject. I love, love the way you analyze her intent and talent —

    Eye and heart and hand,
    in unison they worked
    until when done, it was not
    the love of craft one saw
    but love of man.

    And yes, it is the “love of man or the human element of his existence, that truly makes the artist and artist and the poet a poet. Thank you for sharing this. What pleasure to read and also a pleasure to view such exquisite art! I

    P.S. I sent out the magazine to you with my published poems in it last Monday on November 4th, and the lady at the post office told me it should arrive at your address about the 12th or so of this coming week. Tomorrow is a federal holiday, Veterans’ Day, so there is no mail, but maybe by Tuesday you will receive it. Please if you can, drop me a small note via-email to let me

    Take care
    my best always,

    1. Wendy,

      Because it is our first snow of the season, and I wanted to breathe the frosty air, I went out to the mailbox. The magazine was there. I read your poems that are in it, and then I read them again. Your work always knocks my socks off. (for those who might happen upon this, you can read Wendy’s work at The Peaceful Pub [ ] and in many publications and online sites) I glanced through a couple of articles ( will go back and read them more thoroughly)
      and the language is so beautifully woven. I have no doubt my muse will be energized. The first line of Nicleoid’s article really drew me in: “The day is overcast and a scented breeze wafts up through the hills.” That could be a snapshot of where I am. The butterfly card set my soul to singing too. It is beautiful! Thank you a million times over. Will send you an email too, because I have a new picture of Bella to share. She was caught being naughty and the expression on here furry face is precious.

      Re: Rosie’s art. She is so very talented. In the same area as the painting discussed, there are some drawings/paintings of children that are absolutely grand. I hope you will have time to take a look, and leave a hello.

      Thank you for all you do, Wendy.


      1. gwendrina

        Hi Sarah!!

        So glad the magazine arrived and that you enjoyed both poems and some of the articles. The authors in there are diverse and know how to write, using language beautifully. Also look forward to seeing latest pic of Bella. And will check out further Roswitha’s blog and say hello!

        Again, thanks so much!
        Take care

  3. BoardFlak

    The sketch is almost photographic in quality, but goes far beyond a mere photograph. In similar terms, your poem goes beyond a mere description of artist and subject.

    1. Michael,

      “The sketch is almost photographic in quality, ”

      I totally agree. She is such a talent. I’m hoping you will leave her some feedback.
      I can’t read the German (though I do sometimes feed it into a translator when a picture particularly intrigues me. Thank you for your kind words. You are most appreciated.

  4. BoardFlak

    I did leave a comment. She replied that there was a button on the right sidebar for Google translation, but I could not find it. I left a reply to her reply to tell her about that.

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