A Poet’s Sun

A poet’s sun this morning,
this light that turns
bare trees baroque.

In rotation with the seasons,
the harvest safely in,
faith is a sure thing.

Earth wears the sun
like a hat
that says Imagine.

Some will say we’re dreamers
and maybe that is so.
I just know it’s easy

to see the world as one
in the hush of early morning
with a liturgy of sun.


with thanks to John Lennon
for his inspiring song “Imagine”

2 thoughts on “A Poet’s Sun

  1. BoardFlak

    I recognized your reference even before I read your dedication. I’ve been around long enough to have heard that song “a few” times. In reply I will paraphrase the rest of the line: but we’re not the only ones. And that’s a good thing. I believe John Lennon would have approved, and would have felt his words were in good company with the rest of your poem.

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