That’s Life

a day in early December
when nothing was going right.

Trying to turn troubles around,
I filled a bath to the brim
for there is no angry way to say bubble.

I fumed and I muttered,
Come on,  inner peace,
I don’t have all day!

So much for relaxation…
It goes without saying
meditation was out of the question.

As a last option
for civil maintaining
I ordered a pizza, plain.

All I wanted
was for one single thing
to be simple.

A wee glimmer
of hope,  it arrived  on time
but still I struggled with strife

and why not?
In a square box,  a round pizza
cut into triangle slices…

That’s life.

6 thoughts on “That’s Life

  1. BoardFlak

    Sometimes, one simple thing is the needed antidote to the pressing complexities on all sides. I am glad the pizza worked for you. I’d make a small bet that someone bringing it to you already made was also a factor.

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