Issues with Reader

I have been having issues for about a year now with having my posts show in reader. I found that by posting them twice they usually appear  However that means that email
followers will get two emails including the same poem which is a nuisance  (I am sorry…
beyond my control)

Today, when “Interlude” did not appear in Reader I contacted WP techs again.

What you can do is try publishing another post or change the title to see if that helps.
How about adding the poem manually. That is what they have done in the past
I would suggest creating a new post with the post with a different title or modify the title.
A note to the “Happiness Team”
I am not happy.
The good news is,  having made another post has caused Interlude to show in Reader.
I can only hope it has not caused a third copy of this poem to go to email followers.
If that happens,  I beg your forgiveness.  It truly is beyond my control.

14 thoughts on “Issues with Reader

  1. That is a glitch with the WordPress system. That has happened to me several times. Whenever it happens I contact WP support and they have to refresh it on their end. Sometimes there is a lag between when we post and when WP pulls it from the feed on their end. You should not have to do double posts. They just have to refresh it from the Reader RSS feed on their end. God bless!

    1. Ryan,

      Resetting the feed is the answer but they refused to do that this time. I’m not sure if it was just
      a bad employee or a change of policy. Many thanks for weighing in. Blessings. Sarah

  2. I’ve also experienced the same thing. Sometimes my posts will not appear in the reader until I re-post the same exact thing, and then both of them are there. I try to quickly delete the “new” post as fast as I can, which leaves just the original in the feed, but it never fails that a handful of readers will try click on the “fake” post and they receive the “oops, page not found” message. VERY frustrating…

    1. Brian,

      It is frustrating and not likely to change soon I fear. In the scope of world hunger,
      war, and pestilence, I suppose it is a minor thing, but inattention to such detail
      usually marks the beginning of the end of greatness for a business such as Word Press.


  3. BoardFlak

    I’ve never thought to check whether my posts on The Peaceful Pub were showing up in the Reader.

    Just as a thought, however, would doing an update on the post accomplish the same thing as a repost? Keep in mind that I am ignorant of the mechanics of the situation.

    1. Michael,

      I keep a check on Pub posts. They have been appearing.
      An update or edit is not the same as a repost, in that it
      does not reposition the poem. A reset of the feed is the
      most efficient way to deal with a single poem not showing.
      A mending of the system is the best answer though. I was
      also informed some months ago, that there were more
      pressing problems and that the Reader issue would not be
      addressed in the near future.


      1. BoardFlak

        I understand; I was thinking only in terms of getting it to appear at all.

        On the other hand, I have never been so tempted to repost for position as I was today. I posted The Christmas Pup yesterday afternoon figuring I would catch the morning visitors to The Peaceful Pub, which accounts for most of the daily traffic. Unfortunately, Craig posted his latest poem and it seems most visitors only read the newest post. However, I make a point of not doing that, so I let it be; especially since I am sure it was not intentional.

  4. P.S. Sure enough, this happened to me again this morning with my post “The Prophesied King.” Hasn’t happened in awhile. Once I saw the “oops, page can’t be found” I just hit the refresh button on the page. It took me back to the post I was writing and I hit “update” then I closed it and went back to the Reader. I was pleasantly surprised to see my post at the top of the Reader! Praise God! If it happens again, just try refreshing it like that. 🙂 God bless!

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