Country Christmas ~ Part 2


Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

The snow decked woods was ours that day,
and all that grew was part of our Christmas bounty,
We skated skateless on the frozen forest floor,
pulled armloads of running cedar, baskets full of holly
and mistletoe, and bagged fresh boughs of aromatic pine,

Each year the same reminder: “We are here to find a tree.”

There were evergreens of all kinds
and if we’d had our druthers, we’d have harvested
one of each, but one was the limit
and we didn’t have all day,  though each year the sun
was fading by the time we’d made our pick..

We craned our necks; it was quite a stretch
to see the pines that grew so tall,
but they were mostly on the spindly side,
not cultivated for their shape nor hue.
Often times the cedars, lacy and full branched
would catch our eye. Pine or cedar, its bottom
was much too fat to use it all; we trimmed away
a bit to mix with holly leaves and pine cones,
wreathes for gifts and for our own front door.
There really had never been so fine a tree.

By now, our mittens were wet, our fingers frozen,
but the sled piled high with greenery
proved that the best things in life are truly free.
Just before sunset we headed home,
happy with our perfect Christmas tree.

6 thoughts on “Country Christmas ~ Part 2

  1. Deb,

    WordPress is giving me fits. I’m snot sure where I’m at on replies…I reported this yesterday.
    It seems like the problem involves only serlf-hosted WP sites. (so far..Trev Jones, you, and Rachel Mankowitz that I know of)..not sure…

    Anyway, I tried rposting the comment below with a different login

    “I am in an old access point, using a different login so I cannot tell if my replies
    to you are showing or not. That may mean you will get two replies for each comment.
    I will go back and delete them if that is the case. Your comments are always insightful,
    thoughtful, and encouraging. That means the world.”

    and it would not let me reply using that login on this site…but
    even more confusing, it let me reply to a post on your site using that login..

    Now I’m coming back to find some of my replies showing and some not. I’m giving up until I hear from the techs!

    Wishing you and yours a special day that will add pages to your book of favorite memories.


  2. BoardFlak

    Hang in there Sarah!

    I think we always got our trees at one of the stores which had them set out for Christmas. Missed a lot that way, I know, but as I look back at it utilizing the trees which were already cut saved one growing wild. Except for those years we lived in the country, we didn’t own any place to go cut one – and the trees on that 8 acres were all too tall to be Christmas trees.

    1. I am still having trouble with WP. It is really strange. I’ve got both my cell phone and the tablet on the charger. I want to see if I can comment with them. (of course both are fully drained from all the Christmas activity.)

      In my childhood days my father owned two farms, both with lots of healthy woodlands. We could have any one we wanted but we could only have one.

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