Such are some Blogs that Brighten the Day

Poems and people and art that bewitches,
wisdom, and humor that keeps me in stitches,
Cats and birds and spectacular dogs
make up  a few of my favorite blogs.

I can’t name them all
because time won’t allow,
but here are a few that I can share now.

Francina, Mitch Teemley
and Charlie O’Shields, Deb Farris
and Brian (Lageose, that is).
Trev Jones and  Cindy Knoke so dear
and Jane Sturgeon too, and emberbear
who is really brand new,
alchemists all, oh the magic they DO.

Susie and Marilyn, they cover it all.
We can count on them Winter and Spring,
Summer and Fall. Oh yes, they write
of our favorite things.

Fashion and money, Nature and bling,
the grandest of stories, O! their words
fairly ring.

We must not forget
those who nurture our souls–
Ryan and Mitch (again), and The Godly Chick
(June is her name,)– they help keep us whole.
God bless them all, their praises we sing.

Then there is Rachel  with Cricket and Ellie;
I can’t forget Phineas, he brings me such joy.
Here’s to Sam who’s living in heaven,
and Fanny and Mary, his family.
There’s Tidal Scribe and River Dixon
with his Stories in Between;
These are a few of my favorite things.

There’s Laurie Buchanan,
I beg of you, not just on Tuesdays
but all week through. And poet Byung,
whose poems renew and Rosie
the artist extraordinaire,
O! joy for such talent and artists who care.

Just twenty-one angels of pen, brush and lens,
there are so many more that I really should name
but there are presents to wrap and yule logs to make,
not to mention the pies I still have to bake.

If your name (unlike Santa) does not appear,
what can we do? It’s 4 a.m.. My mind’s in a fog.
I know, leave a reply with your URL
(that would be swell)
and include the name of your blog.

And now my mind is on the blink,
I fear that it  soon may run out of ink.
So for now I will just say
Merry Christmas to all and to all
a good night.  Look for me
I’ll stop by your blog
and leave you a “like”


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