Hear Now of this Love We Share

Our heavenly Father sent to us his son
to teach us love and offer us salvation.
A virgin birth, the manger held a king,
a holy child. We sing praises to his name.

The angel Gabriel came to Mary to instruct;
she heard his words, accepted without question,
such was her faith. Thus to her was born the Savior,
Christ Jesus, Lord — O! glorious celebration.
A world reborn,  awash in new found Light.

Dear Father God, how we love your son,
a baby born to be the King of kings. With joy,
we relive that hallowed night when angels sang
and shepherds quaked in fright.

Meticulous Luke, the story did unfold
with best of sources held in high esteem.
He wrote of Jesus whom he had never seen
in all his time on earth, yet it was Luke
who chronicled best that birth.

Our precious Savior, Holy Trinity,
we’re learning still. You made us ever hungry.
Christmas now, we seek no myrrh nor gold.
Your precious Light renews the story that Luke told.

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