My Cat Doesn’t Answer Questions

Her green eyes
look askance at the kibble these days;
a cancer grows on her hip.
Beautiful Bella, diva of ample figure,
is dwindling now

toward her next incarnation.
I can count every vertebra
through the long shiny hair
as I brush her softly each day.

She asks nothing of me
but a hug and a cuddle
and a familiar hand
to scratch behind her ears.

She doesn’t understand
the splash of a tear from my eye
to her back. She turns slowly
to lick it away.  It is a burden
she doesn’t wish to bear.

11 thoughts on “My Cat Doesn’t Answer Questions

  1. BoardFlak

    Many years ago, we had a cat who we brought in from outside and named her Silver. My wife had to get hold of her occasionally to brush her long fur so it wouldn’t tangle. Silver, because of her former wild life, did not much like being held but would calm down as she was brushed. In the weeks before she died, Silver began to seek out my wife and climb in her lap for attention and patting. She was not obviously ill, and her death was to us sudden. I knew my wife was heartbroken, and I told her that Silver must have known something was wrong. Allowing herself to be held and stroked was her last gift to my wife.

  2. Sarah, Sam did quite well for well over a year on prednisone. They told us he shouldn’t stay on it for an extended period but he gave “extended” a new medical definition . 😉 Sending hugs,

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