Even at a Slant

Great star,
you are ill-defined
by man’s poor vision.
We see you from the vantage point
of need. We crave your light and warmth,
your gentle touch, but if you come too close
we shrink back in mortal fear.  Endless fuel
that stokes your mighty furnace; may it exceed
all quantity of imagination. It is not just your splendid warmth
and illumination that sustains us; when you smile
Earth blooms beneath your art.

4 thoughts on “Even at a Slant

  1. “We see you from the vantage point of need.”


    Instruction for gaining Wisdom of the Unseen. Where our need is so too our vision. Brilliant! 🙂

    Happy New Year!


    1. Hiya Deb,

      I think I might have goofed. I replied to your poem (it was awesome!) from Reader and it allowed me to reply. I went to your site to see if it was showing and it is, but see you have removed all comments. Let me know what the policy is on your site now.


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