Conquering the Night

Put all the pretty ponies in their stalls,
The moon has crept across the Milky Way.
Winged Pegasus will take us through the hinterland
where dreams command the night
‘til break of day.

Alight with me upon his stalwart back,
Feel the rush of air as wings unfurl,
Oh magic steed, you’ve freed us from the tug
of gravity as we soar the cosmos
and circle ‘round the world.

What star will we visit on this journey?
What galaxy exists unexplored?  Take us there,
great stallion, to the vault of heaven
where stars sparkle pathways with pure gold
and moonbeams whisper secrets bright and bold.

Come first hint of sun we will return
and daylight will find us nestled in our beds.
As day’s dancing rays tap on our windows
to get in, I wonder if they know
where we have been.


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