Elegy for Innocence

Somebody dreams, and somebody cares,
Somebody’s lost in the fog somewhere.
O, the songs that we sang, and the games
that we played were the closest we got
to the promises we made.

We were young; we were free,
Some were arrogant, some bold.
Some sensed the truth
but with a loose hold.

Somebody danced to somebody’s tune
and those who weren’t dancing
were howling at the moon.  Lessons were learned,
tall tales were told but none of us thought
we would ever grow old.

We were young but not free,
though none of us knew.
Everybody’s owned by somebody
it’s true.

Then somebody said in the driest of tones,
If you gotta be owned, make sure it’s by you.
‘Cause anything else just doesn’t make sense.
Then with barely a sigh,
Innocence died.

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