On Pause

It feels like Spring, they say.
I think of all the changes
that portends.

I have learned
to love the wind, its nip,
even its chilling bite.

I think of the crocus
waiting to bloom, of the tulips
dormant in the ground,

The taste of Spring onions
and fresh salad greens
without warnings,

that make my red lips
redder still*

I am not immune
to the thrill of Spring,
to the joy of green,

but then,
from the corner of my eye,
I spot a snowflake

making its solo flight
from heaven, and I’m thinking
I’m loving this moment,

this once-
in-a-lifetime moment
that I’m living in.


*Quoted from Barefoot Boy/John Greenleaf Whittier

9 thoughts on “On Pause

  1. BoardFlak

    There is much to be said for taking the day as it comes. Pain and pleasure are both temporary; we can cope with the one and savor the other before both are gone forever.

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