Scam Amazon Site Listing

A family member contacted me this morning to let me know that my legal name(which is also my pen name) appears in a new listing on Google.  The site claims to be Amazon.  but Amazon is saying it is not them. I’m sure that somewhere in this world there is another Sarah M. Zang, but to date, I have not known of another one listed as an author.
It uses the Amazon logo but requires you to log in a second time giving your information.



This listing was found when my name was searched. It is a new listing even though it is
dated 2003.

An Amazon rep. claims this page is not theirs.  My concern is, when you go to this page,
feeling safe because you recognize the name,  you are asked to give personal information
and then you are redirected to a 404 (page does not exist). Their purpose is not to get you
to their page.  Their purpose is to get your information (account number, name and email). Please do not give any information.

In the event that you already have, please report it to so they can insure the
scammers do not use your account.

There may well be a book by that title but I am in no way associated with it, nor the web site that lists it.

2 thoughts on “Scam Amazon Site Listing

  1. Just to keep this in the proper perspective:

    This isn’t me either:

    Sarah Zang ist ein Fußballspieler der diese Saison noch keine Einsätze zu verzeichnen hat.

    (Sarah Zang is a soccer player who has had no appearances this season.)

  2. BoardFlak

    The object of such a scam is to get someone to login with their proper Amazon details, which are then harvested from the site and can be used to sign into Amazon and place orders with the stored payment information. If this can be done before the person realizes they have been scammed, large purchases can be made and directed to a separate address.

    While I’m on the subject, I received an email purporting to be from PayPal, a receipt for a purchase I had not made. I started to login to contest the charge before realizing that the wording was all wrong, the URL was hinky, and there was at least one misspelled word. I quickly closed out, logged in to PayPal from my bookmark, and changed my password. I also changed passwords on two other sites where I had used the same combination. I don’t know if I had gotten far enough for them to capture the information, but I took no chances.

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