Without Dreams…

Would surf cling to the shore,
washing up seashells from Portugal
or maybe Baltimore? Would the shore
quit believing in prickly pear?

If so, would the pear
quit believing in flowering?
Contagious, this gray
that kills bloom.

Where would it end,
this living without dreams?
Maybe it would be okay
if we just dreamed smaller?

Maybe climb the mountain
half way?
Leaving the rest
for the egotists?

What if we saw all fields as fallow,
all seed as dead?
Would you want to live in a world
without roses,

A sky without Pegasus,
the dark night without end?
No?  Then dream, my friend,


4 thoughts on “Without Dreams…

  1. BoardFlak

    Dreaming smaller could never be the answer; a world without achievers and poets would be a world still in the Stone Age. Big dreams may only rarely come true, but when they do: Alleluia!

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