Bless Me, Lord, I Have Kind Thoughts

The rain turned to ice and the sun
grew dim, no flowers were blooming,
no hillsides were green. I shivered
beneath my vicuna stole
and briefly wondered
what it’s like to be cold…
really cold, with holes in my shoes
and the cardboard worn thin.

I sipped on my coffee, a hazelnut
blend, and nibbled my snack…Ugh,
sushi again. I looked out the window
at a house bigger than mine…
I declare, sometimes it seems
life just isn’t fair. Then, in the back
of my mind, flashed a quick vision
of a homeless person.

Holier-than-thou, this feeling
profound, I thought maybe one day
I’d visit that side of town.
I’d buy them some steaks
and a couple of rounds,  a passing
thought as I closed the door tight
against the rain and the cold
and the darkness of night.








I am from Maryland and I find the Maryland Blue Crab absolutely delicious. Still, I wonder who looked at such a creature and decided to taste it, but that doesn’t even begin to compare with caging an animal and force feeding it coffee beans and then boiling its poop and drinking it. Now I’m beginning to understand our
political situation: People are just plain crazy!




15 thoughts on “Bless Me, Lord, I Have Kind Thoughts

  1. I don’t even know what a vicuña is, but it sounds adorable and not to be worn. I am always amazed how much one can pay for a designer watch – what is the point, time is still the same and you’re likely to get mugged for it!

    1. Yes!! A vicuna is related to the camel and the llama, but is a lot smaller. I know they live in Peru, and imagine they also live in similar climates, but am not sure. They are not much bigger than a goat but their legs are longer.
      I love your point about the watch.

  2. I heard a comment like Tidalscribe’s the other day. If you are travelling from point A to point B, whether you travel by bus or a Rolls Royce, you still get there. I discovered what Kopi Luwak coffee was in the film ‘The Bucket List’. The thought of killing an animal to wear it tears my heart. ❤ to you Sarah. Xx

    1. Jane,

      We (the human race) have/has a lot to answer for.

      The bus or the Rolls Royce is a great analogy.

      The sad thing is, vicunas could be sheared twice a year
      without hurting them, but that is not fast enough for the greedy.
      “Lured by the cash and fewer police forces at high elevations, poachers have resorted to killing and skinning vicuñas and selling them in coastal markets. Their actions pose a threat to not only the wildlife, but also local economies and humans attempting to protect the animals. Karul reports that In January, poachers killed two Chilean policemen who detained them at a roadblock.”

        1. I just read a piece about the Botswana government selling permits to kill elephants (they sell for about $18,000 each and allow the holder of the license to kill ten elephants.) They sold 70 of the packages . There had been a ban on killing elephants but it was reversed in May because ‘there are too many elephants”.

        2. That is all about money ins’t it? Organisations like the WWF must have their heads in their hands that this is being sanctioned at government level. One of my abiding heart memories from living in Africa, was that ‘life’ was cheap.

  3. BoardFlak

    One of the quickest ways of the world to sell anything is to limit the quantities and put a high price on it. I can think of no other way to explain “Civet Coffee”. I’ve read about it, and the claims about its flavor, but I frankly don’t believe it. It’s a shame someone can’t convince the owners of those civet farms that their product would be worth more if the civets were healthy and well-cared-for, at least.

  4. I’m with you on that, Michael.
    They give them coffee cherries and water
    and if they turn from the food, they are force fed,

    They are caught, jammed into a cage, force fed until they die.
    Care of the animal is not a factor. It makes me so mad!

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