A Winter Set of Mind

Time, where do you go?
I turn my back and you
have flown to some far off land
that I can barely remember.

Those days of spring, we know
will come again, but now
I am a spectator
with a winter set of mind.

Who am I kidding? There is
no such thing as winter when
blossoms begin to bud
the limbs,

When the sun shines longer
every day, and night takes
early leave, subdued
by dawn’s pink blush.

Moon and tide and gravity
all have their pull, a certainty,
but an internal joie de vivre
will beat them every time.

So, if you’re feeling
a winter set of mind, delve
inside to where your special store
of light resides.

No matter how gray the sky is,
there comes a time
when a winter set of mind
gives way to spring.

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